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For general inquiries, to ask my stance on a particular issue, or to volunteer to help with the campaign, please e-mail:

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To get periodic updates on our campaign, we'd love for you to join our mailing list.  There is no better way for you to get to know me as a person and candidate than by giving me this opportunity to communicate with you directly leading up to the election.

Success! Now we can stay in touch.

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I don't have lofty "fundraising goals."  I don't intend on making television attack ads or littering our roads with thousands of yard signs. However, the basic expenses of a campaign can start adding up after a while.  Every dollar you can pitch in would mean the world to me and would help our movement compete with the millionaire candidates of both the Republican and Democratic Parties. Your contributions won't be used to glorify me -- they will be spent bringing to the forefront our fight for universal healthcare, green energy policy, worker's rights and fair pay, and other progressive issues.  

We hope you pitch in what you can but more importantly, spread the word that a progressive campaign can be successful in California's 48th congressional district.