Final Mailing List.png

You’ve Got Mail!

Albeit social media is the preferred communication method of most candidates for office, I still can’t help but prefer the retro charm of a personally written e-mail.  It offers a feeling that I’m connecting with voters individually, albeit en masse, via a more intimate method than the public bulletin board that is Facebook or Instagram.

By adding your name to our mailer, you'll receive periodic updates -- each one personally written by me -- about our campaign, as well as my thoughts on political issues in far more depth than what I can fit in a Tweet.  

Another thing I can promise is that I will NOT send you any e-mails exclusively begging for money.  I have joined campaign mailing lists in the past and I could not stand getting message after message asking for more and more donations.   I promise you I will never resort to that kind of panhandling.  The purpose of our e-mail correspondence is to help you get to know me better as a person and as a candidate, not to get you to keep ponying up your hard-earned money.

Success! Now we can stay in touch.